Capture and Organize

In this Digital Age, it’s amazing how many organizations still rely on paper for information management.  Then they “organize” their documents in the same, centuries-old way: desk drawers, filing cabinets, corrugated boxes.  Which they then stash away in their office.  A basement.  A storeroom.  Or an off-site facility.
rsz captureview
Compounding the problem, digital documents (e.g., spreadsheets) often get printed out “just in case.”  Result: more tons of paper requiring even more storage.  And more revenue-draining hold-ups for sales, legal, shipping and every other department.

Many companies think they’re “all set” because they have electronic storage — digital desktop files or homespun “archives” on servers.  But these DIY systems are similarly cumbersome and time-consuming, often inaccessible (or incomprehensible) to those who need the information the most.