rsz rsz docuware adp blueDocuWare is a powerful document management software that uses your preferences and priorities to anticipate and respond to all your company’s information needs.  You’ll start achieving greater information-processing efficiency and productivity with the core DocuWare software, the most advanced office tool of its kind. Documents (paper or digital) arrive in electronic baskets that mimic the inbox on your desk.  Work on them as you normally would: sort, organize, staple or clip them together, add notes, comments, signatures and stamps.
rsz docuware

From the baskets your documents are then stored in digital file cabinets, forming a “document pool.”  You decide how many file cabinets you’d like, or how they are organized, whatever makes sense for your company.  DocuWare’s powerful indexing features automatically make sure all document types are filed away in the right place.  

  • Convenient management of all organizational content (structure and unstructured) throughout its life cycle.
  • Facilitated compliance with failsafe security and auditing extra steps.
  • Seamless integration with the applications you’re already using simplifies processing for every department.
  • Manual, repetitive operations get fully automated, freeing up employees for more important work and productive time.
 DocuWare Architecture
DocuWare Arch