On-Site Scanning

Are your documents too important to your business process to be taken off-site?  Do your business documents contain sensitive information? 

ScandemandEliminate any concerns and bring the scanning project on-site.

AmeriScan has an experienced team of document scanning professionals available for both short and long term scanning projects.  Depending on the project scope, we can supply all hardware, software, and personnel required to complete the project.

With an on-site scanning solution, we can maximize the efficiencies of document preparation, scanning, and indexing.  Our team of professionals can work independent or directly with your staff.  Our extensive on-site experience includes many satisfied customers in all types of industries. 

Some regulations require that all documents remain on-site and, while we provide a secure facility and constant access to any files in our possession, the AmeriScan team is readily available to set up a temporary network at your facilities.

What we bring to you

We scan documents using the same equipment on-site that we do in our own professional offices; we will provide scanning equipment, computers, software, and a team of one or more individuals, depending on the volume and turnaround required for the project. Therefore, any highly sensitive or valuable items can be scanned as quickly and effectively as if they were shipped to the AmeriScan offices.

The process

On-site, our process is identical to in-house. Our team will carefully prepare the documents for scanning, quality control each image to ensure it is as legible as its paper counterpart, and carefully re-file the hard copies. If the client allows us, we will then replace the hard copies in their original storage location and then remove the next files for scanning.

At all times, we keep an inventoried list of the hard copies in our possession so that, if an employee requires a file, we can locate it and either hand over the hard copy or immediately scan and email/upload the request.

How far are we willing to go

We proudly serve the Great Lakes Region; however, we are willing to travel to various other areas as well.  If you have an on-site scanning opportunity, and are looking for the perfect team, please contact us!  Our team is ready to serve you.