With the combination of secure record storage and document scanning services, AmeriScan is able to offer secure document storage with fast electronic document retrieval.  Scan-On-demandallows you to store your documents off-site and have them retrieved, scanned and quickly returned via a secure FTP site, email, or have it hosted via our secure Web e-Link.  Web e-Link allows you to easily access your information anytime from anywhere in the world on our secure website.  Through Web e-Link, files can be stored, organized, viewed, and printed with just an Internet connection.Scandemand

Scan-On-demand is a cost effective archive and scanning solution.  Some businesses can't afford to have all their documents scanned.  Scan-On-Demand allows you to control cost.  Fast document retrieval is key for any business, enabling you secure access to your documents and ultimately improving your customer service levels. Once scanned, documents can be easily searched using a simple keyword search facility from your desktop.

A cost effective archive and scanning solution, Scan-On-Demand allows cost control for businesses that can't afford to have all their documents scanned at once­. With safe off-site storage, paper files are eliminated from your cabinets, saving the expense of storage space while addressing the need for quick and easy document retrieval.

The Process

Step 1: Simply call or email with a specific request and an employee will retrieve the hard copy from the AmeriScan storage facility.

Step 2: The document is scanned and delivered via email, a secure FTP site, or our secure Web e-Link*.

Step 3: You retrieve the file without ever having to leave your desk.

Why Scan-On-Demand?

Fast document retrieval is “key” for any business and digital documents are the quickest and easiest to find; however, sometimes the expense of scanning in bulk can be prohibitive. The time and resources saved from retrieving documents allows our clients not only to save great sums annually, but to ultimately improve customer service as well. 

Offering low-cost, secure storage, opening up office space, and allowing fast and easy access to your documents, Scan-On-Demand may be the answer to the “to scan or not to scan” dilemma that many businesses face.

*Our Web e-Link is a secure website where digital files can be stored, organized, viewed, and printed at any time through any Internet connection. Simply login with your username and password and all of your information is readily available.